Wole Akande – Partner

Mr. Akande manages Slowe Limited, an international trade and marketing consultancy firm where he has served as the Chief Executive Officer since 1994 and Vice President since 1987. Slowe Limited represents a number of international firms in the sub-Sahara Africa region.

Mr. Akande is also an Executive Director at IESG, a consultancy firm involved in the power sector and Global 2i, an EPC company. He has been partly responsible for a number of grants worth N200 million provided to the electricity sector in Nigeria and is currently working on a hydro power initiative.

Prior to Slowe Limited, Mr. Akande worked with a number of firms in the United States of America ending with Gannett Co., Incof Arlington, Virginia, the owner of USAToday and other major media properties.

Mr. Akande formed his partnership SloweGANZI International in 1999 with offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Washington, DC. Mr. Akande’s vast experiences and contacts appoints him as the director of business development in addition to managing and directing all client relations for SloweGANZI International.

Mr. Akande’s commitment to his community in the USA and Nigeria is well documented including his leadership role in Access Africa International (AAI). This USA based non-profit group is dedicated to Africa issue where he served as Vice President. His work was dedicated to working with the Good Governance Group (GGG) in Nigeria promoting the need for providing timely and relevant information to the electorate.

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