Warren Joseph Wright – TeleVision Photo-Journalist

Warren Wright is an experienced TeleVision Photo-Journalist. He has worked with ABC News/Productions where his first position was a production assistant and Page for the Academy Award’s Oscar Telecast. Since then he has traveled across the country as a television reporter covering special events from the National Democratic Convention in Los Angeles to the International Film Festival in Marco Island Florida.

Warren understands the mechanics of crafting a visually powerful message that creates a lasting visceral impact. With a full understanding of not only the Television medium but also “new media”, this professional journalist knows how to coordinate the different platforms to deliver a message to the widest possible and most desirable demographic.

As an elected official, serving on the Fort Myers City Council, Warren understands the pressures of government officials and the parameters under which they must perform. He is an excellent communicator and co-ordinator in making sure all proper methods are instituted to preserve and protect the integrity of everyone involved.

Warren Wright is an experienced traveler, having lived and worked in Japan as well as Central America. A communicator, educator and nationally ranked salesman for Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals, Warren is an individual who can help his client realize their goals for creating an message and event that will be truly transformative and exceedingly productive.


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